Flexible Shaft Superfinisher ​



SUPRAMATIC Model CMX500 is a revolutionary Flexible Smart Machine using Multiple Superfinishing Technologies for processing a wide range of Automotive Powertrain, Transmission, Steering and Suspension Components including Crankshafts, Camshafts and Gearbox Shafts, all without Setup Change. Hitherto these operations would have required 3 different machines. Thus the CMX500 sets a new benchmark in Flexible Manufacturing.

  • Geometry Correction​
  • Sealing Properties with zero Lead Angle​
  • Option for Size Control​
  • Patented Ballscrew Superfinishing Technology​
  • Microfinishing of Faces​


Balancer Shaft​                      Single Cylinder Crankshaft​

Ballscrew​                              Input Shaft

Waviness and Lobing Improvement Achieving UPR Results​