Supramatic gearbox machines

Superfinishing and Deburring

Stone Superfinishing with micro-abrasive stone

Superfinishing stones are usually tailor made for the user application. The size of the stone varies as per the work material. Superfinishing stones significantly reduce the friction caused to the metal in polishing.

Micro abrasive stones are very important for complex surfaces such as flat surfaces or spherical surfaces where generative manufacturing solutions are required. Here, tape has restrictions in terms of its ability to interfere with the work surface.

However, the superfinishing process is almost same from the smallest stone size to largest stone size. It improves the surface texture and generates perfect geometry through generative machining of the specific work piece.

SPMS stone superfinishing machines start from single station machines to multiple station transfer machines for large engine block seal face. Here, planetary finishing is performed using 1 Meter diameter segmented cup wheels.

Single and multiple station lean design machines with automatic conveyor work transfer or manual loading tooled with SPMS patented MBA-type microfinishing heads with oscillation and indexing microfinishing tape.

For both external and internal surface processing for shafts and gears, needle bearing and oil seal diameters on input and output shafts, and conical surfaces and bores on synchro gears.

Custom built solutions for gearbox application

SPMS is a leader in providing custom-built superfinishing solutions for gearbox applications.

SPMS was the first among its competitors to use micro-abrasive tape with flexible tooling. It is used in optimising shaft bearing geometry conditions.Till date, SPMS has handled various applications of its finishing technology. This includes cylindrical bearing surfaces to planetary sealing faces and spherical ball joint finishing.