Next – Gen Microfinisher for Crankshafts and Camshafts.


SPMS SUPRAMATIC microfinishing machine for crankshafts and camshafts is the most advanced, robust and reliable machine in this segment. It uses the head consisting of Film Backed Abrasives with Shoe-Type Backing which covers the work piece such as crankshaft/ camshaft which is oscillated between centres.

The advantages of SUPRAMATIC microfinishing machines are:
1. Improved Sealing Properties and Performance
2. Extended product life
3. Minimum Wear and Tear

  • Compact Size​​
  • Automatic Arm Shifting​
  • Modular Design, Flexible to Customize​
  • IOT Enabled Controller​
  • Addition of Thrust Microfinishing Units
  • 3D Printed Tooling Elements​​

Key Process Advantage​

Engineered Surface Finish​

Geometry Correction​

  • Roundness​ 50% Correction within 3 μ​
  • Cylindricity​ Within 3 μ​
  • Straightness​